'Counselling' at Prerana, is all about helping people to help themselves in living through an interaction with a trained professional. It offers a way to gain perspective on your behavior, emotions and relationships. More insights here.

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  Family Counselling

Prerana Academy in Bangalore  has various custom-designed programs and courses for students, teachers, parents and couples. These programs address issues related to all forms of relationships.


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   Prerana Academy in Bangalore strives to improve the quality of life. It helps people to reach out to themselves, to be aware of their personality, abilities and feelings. Prerana conducts various need-based activities,custom designed counselling courses to learn counselling skills and courses related to human behaviors. And also has personalized programs/courses and seminars for the corporate world.

We provide counselling and facilitate a process of self growth. We also conduct need based short programs on counselling children and counselling couples. We provide supervision for practicising counsellors on one-on-one basis.


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