Foundation course in Counselling skills-2015-16


Manisha Dasappa

The course challenges you to take an honest look at yourself. This experience will aid me in my numerous interactions with clients at workplace.


Priyanka K N

The course helps for personal growth. I have already started integrating in my personal life especially with my son, my behaviour has changed towards him.


Pallavi Rao

It was an experience worth remembering. It helped me in my personal growth. It is a journey worth taking without a doubt.


Bhagyalaxmi M

I see myself with lot of changes after the course and when I see people struggling with many issues and problems in relationships I recommend this program to them.


Sahana R

The best part of training is self reflection and importance of being aware of one’s happenings. Counselling sessions are in line with theoretical awareness. I plan to pursue career as a counsellor.


Dolly Dadu

The personal counselling sessions which are part of the program have brought tremendous change in my behaviour, thinking and being myself. I would definitely recommend this program to someone else especially for self awareness and growth.


Dr Latha Sudarshan

The course was well structured and intense. We got ‘Hands-on’ approach to counselling. I would recommend it to all general practitioners and also to my friends who are interested in personal growth. I would explain the benefits of counselling along with medication to all my psychosomatic patients so that the patients are healed holistically.


Vidhi Shah

The program should be done by people having low self esteem as it helps personal growth. I have started to build good bond between family members.


Supriya Manjunath

The counselling sessions were lot of self work happened and I started implementing them and am able to see the changes in me. The experience was awesome and I can authentically recommend it to all.


Roma Sharma

I liked the course format. The book sharing, therapy sessions combined with classroom sessions worked well in together providing an overall growth. It was great to see that feedback forms were given to trainees for each and every classroom sessions.


Geervani Bhat

The course is beautifully designed with theory classes, counselling and reading of books. It is a wonderful journey everyone should do for betterment of their life.




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