Parenting By Connection


Ruchi Karnani

Before coming to class I used to think I am in good space with my two daughters. I was true, after attending the parenting sessions I feel I have to learn a lot –lot more on how to parent my children.

I was unaware of how to deal with situations where I used to get frustrated with their constant fights, now I learnt its ok if they fight (they do not harm themselves) it teaches them skill to cope up with the outside world, they learn how to deal with each other and with my little interference they have learned to love each other.

I was unaware as to how to discipline them when they throw tantrums .Now after class, I am able to stay “clam” and keep them calm .


Pruthvi S N

An eye opener on “self awareness” .I like the way Meera processes each person’s query. I like the way time is managed and the topics discussions are organised. At the same time each person in the class in given time .The classes are very interesting practical with activates and discussions.


Sarika C S

Thank you so much for teaching and helping us to deal our small and big issues with our children and family. I learnt ways to disciples my child, communicating with him, acknowledging his feelings, me having control over my emotions/ feelings , changing behaviours act. It also helped me change my past thoughts and be flexible, my body language has changed and many more things. I will definitely try to do many things that you’ve taught in a processed manner.


Rakhee Jain

My journey started with parenting workshop and again I am here. I learnt again and it would continue for me at Prerana . I loved all the topics. In put given were very valuable. It gave me new insights about my self


Ameen E. Mudassar

This was my first parenting workshop and I honestly express my sincere gratitude and thanks Mrs. Meera Ravi for having conducted these 8 seminars with so much involvement, passion, and feeling.

I came here expecting some formulas which I thought will be simply applicable and I can get some quick changes. Now with 8 days of parenting seminars I realised that everything is about how I connect with myself and parenting is an ongoing process. I wish each and every parent will take this opportunity and will take this parenting workshop.


Dr. Suprabha

Parenting by connection deeply connected me to myself. It helped me to understand the behavioural patterns and thoughts which affect the child. I am very thankful to Mrs. Meera Ravi ma’am for this wonderful insight about parenting. It also helped as we discussed in groups which got different views.
The knowledge shared by Meera ma’am about discipline, values, self-esteem helped me in my parenting and improve my behaviour.


G. Padmaja Reddy

I enjoyed the sessions completely. Parenting itself being a large subject is a continuous process hence, really need to work on it a lot and I have to erase the fog that unknowingly I have made on kids.
But yes seriously, every class was an eye opener. Therefore, I am in the process of learn , unlearn , and relearn new things which help firstly myself and then later as a counsellor can help others in the society.


Suchitra R

Experiential programmes- I could reflect and make connection, especially the way the sharing were processed in the class.


Swetha Rao.

I always look forward to come to Prerana to improve myself and have consistency in myself. I have loved all the classes on parenting. I have used the communication part in my parenting method, and it has helped me a lot.




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